Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sales 101

We're at it... Again:

"Sales 101 :: The 411 on Selling"

Our client Dr Lisa Lang is a master at maximizing profits. I consider one of my gifts, the ability to connect. As explored in "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell.

At Throughput Press, we are excited to share Dr Lisa with the world. But more than that, we are excited for the results that she is amassing in the wake of her full time commitment to her own business: The Science of Business. Headquartered in Denver.

Our friendship dates back some six years. Over the last two years, during her years as the Global Marketing Director of Goldratt Consulting, we worked on some great campaigns for Eli Goldratt's Viable Vision Offer events. However, regardless her strengths at marketing, Dr Lisa is a true genius at throughput. As I have said before (and it bears repeating!), Lisa knows how to make "cash flow."

Some months ago, I reserved a domain name for just such a project:


The time is now right to spring the concept. As I recall, after a venture capital meeting of one sort or another, I realized that all these great startups were missing a major component: a focus on sales. As in, "No Sales = No Business."

Well, I can fix that oversight. My book is the perfect primer to prepare the key personnel in most any startup for the rigors of launching a new business. Then, I am going to connect them to Dr Lisa for the shortest path to untold riches. Did I mention that she is willing to bet most of her fees on the results?

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Publisher
(330) 432-3533

P.S. There just so happens, one of Dr Lisa's Mafia Offer Boot Camps is scheduled in Denver next month. April 16, 17 and 18th to be exact. Call me today, to reserve your seats. Yes, as in more than one seat. The key members of your team need to participate in her workshop. In order to make it "your" workshop. The breakthrough you need is simple: pick up the phone.

P.P.S. I am happy to share a large number of Dr Lisa's references with those serious about success. Once you have made a decision to, as Jon Spoelstra says, to commit "to do what it takes" to succeed, call me. Allow me to connect you to your new best friend.

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