Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Riding the American Dream

Dan Hanlon, Author and Entrepreneur
Joins Boyd Speakers Bureau


As a publisher, my career has been a lot of fun... and I only see more excitement on the horizon. Every once and again, you run across a book that you wish you could have published.

Riding the American Dream is one such book.

I have posted in several spots, over the last two years, of my love for this business text by my friend, Dan Hanlon. Yes, business book. Maybe he could be convinced to grant me the rights to the paperback version? But I digress...

If one were to think in terms of results, how would the publishing world look? That is my job. Going back to November 2000 when I created an international business magazine. That was my job back in 2001 when I met with Tony Rizzo to create an eVersion of the magazine. Stuff happens. Dreams can fade. Mine rarely die. From time to time, the resources align with one or more dream, and: Kismet! Box cars (when two dice each land showing six dots).

Dreams do come true.

In Purple Curve Effect, I explained "thinking out loud." Part of my nature, where, as I think stuff up, I share it with others, and ideas take shape. Like my desire to pay tribute to John Boyd for his OODA Loop, and draw attention to a few colleagues that have harnessed some of that power to make their engagements just that much more profound.

The first two world renowned speakers that have stepped up to the plate, and agreed to allow Throughput Press to present their speaking skills to the world, are Dr. Lisa Lang and Dan Hanlon. There is at least one more in the wings.

Long story short, I trust Lisa and Dan with my clients. The first test. Second, have they put their own money on the line, proving their ability to produce results, where it counts the most? Third, have they worked on projects measured in millions of dollars at risk? Finally, do they know who John Boyd was, and have they used his principles in the application of Boyd's OODA Loop to solve real business challenges?

If you need an accomplished master of results, then you need Lisa or Dan as your next keynote speaker. Once you hear one or the other (or, amazingly, both of them!) you will understand my excitement. In fact, whenever our Purple Curve Events division starts the creative phase of any new event, we ask how we may use one (or both) of these gurus. They are not inexpensive. So if you are not sure, don't bother.

However, if time is short, or important, or constrained, and results must be delivered "or else" -- call me.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Publisher
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P.S. Event planners, we have other speakers available at more reasonable rates. Call me.

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